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We are a full-service cleaning commercial company. Whether large or small project, new construction or renovation, we have your back!


After construction we get your facility clean and ready for your use. Contact us today!  We are available 24/7. (214) 723-9473

About Us

On April 2014 we started our learning curve in this field in a different company offering cleaning services to big construction companies that gave us the opportunity to work with and in January 2019 we appear as Custom Commercial Cleaning LLC focused in improving every process in quality and time of delivering.


The satisfaction of our customers is essential for us. We are committed to always find a solution to their needs.


First cleaning performed before inspections:

• Eliminate small debris and trash
• Remove stickers from windows
• Clean bathrooms and kitchens
• Sweep floors


Performed when construction is totally complete, prior to receiving the Certificate of Occupancy.

Dust all surfaces from top to bottom •
Sweep, Mop/Vacuum all floors •
Sanitize kitchens and bathrooms •
Polish stainless steel •
Clean windowsills and window frames •


According to contract’s specifications and necessities.


High pressure wash to remove cement, caulking, paint, silicon, etc. from all surfaces.


Our Team

Claudia H.

Claudia H.


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William K.

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